Love Battlefield

2004  |  Cantonese, Putonghua  |  35mm  |  Color  |  96min  |  Chinese Subtitle

Director: Soi Cheang.Scriptwriter: Szeto Kam-yuen, Jack Ng.Cinematographer: Cheung Tung-leung.Editor: Angie Lam

Art Director: Albert Poon.Music: Lincoln Lo.Sound: Ken Wong, Phyllis Cheng.Cast: Eason Chan, Niki Chow, Wang Zhiwen, Qin Hailu

Producer: Joe Ma, Y.Y. Kong, Zhao Haicheng.Production: Brilliant Idea Group.World Sales: Mei Ah Entertainment Group


Breaking up is hard to do. It’s even harder for Yu (Eason Chan), who separates from his girlfriend Ching (Niki Chow) in the morning, then is held hostage by mainland drug smugglers in the afternoon. With friends trying to reunite the couple, can Yu keep Ching away from danger, or can their love save them both? Cheang Pou-soi’s criminally underrated romantic suspense thriller pushes audience emotions to the brink with gripping tension, unpredictable plot turns and knock-out performances.

Date:   13/8 (Sunday)

Time:   5:30PM

Venue:   HK Arts Centre Cinema

Free admission for all screenings. Tickets are available to public on-site 30 minutes prior to each screening on a first-come, first served basis. Limit to one ticket per person.


How would you categorize Love Battlefield ?

It is a love story packaged in an action film. There are many action scenes which are done not just for the sake of “action”—they are all infused with emotion.

What are the characters’ emotions in these scenes?

I’m always fond of depicting “love” in my films, especially long-forgotten feelings or love that has been abandoned. In Love Battlefield , Niki Chow and Eason Chan live together after dating for years, eventually forgetting their mutual feelings for each other. Instead, they concentrate only on each other’s flaws. But the status of their relationship is quite funny, since neither wants to break up nor move the relationship forward. Another couple in the film (Qin Hailu and Wang Zhiwen) are thieves, their lives fraught with peril because of the high risks they face. As such, the husband must take care of his wife; they don’t have time to think too much about their relationship. Their love is much more straightforward. So when something serious happens to Niki and Eason, all the flaws they see in each other fall away, they only want to be together, loving each other simply and directly. I hope this film reminds people to cherish simple things, since many like to twist their lives into something much worse than they actually are. I believe human relationships are what attracts audiences most—they need something to touch them emotionally.

Do you always choose “love” as subject matter?

I’m not good at choosing subject matters or themes. For The Death Curse , New Blood and Love Battlefield , the producers suggested the subject matter.

Interview with Soi Cheang

City Entertainment Magazine, Issue 655 (May 20th, 2004)