High Noon

2008  |  Cantonese  |  35mm  |  Color  |  100min  |  Chinese Subtitle

Director: Heiward Mak.Scriptwriter: Heiward Mak.Cinematographer: Rex Chan.Editor: Heiward Mak, Cheung Siu-hong, Nose Chan.Art Director: Cheung Siu-hong.Music: Patrick Lo

Cast: Lam Yiu-sing, Sham Ka-kei, Anjo Leung, Venus Wong

Producer: Eric Tsang.Production: Black & White Films.World Sales: Mei Ah Entertainment Group


Heiward Mak’s harrowing and provocative directorial debut bears testimony to the saying: “The kindness of the gods is manifested in allowing young people to embark on life unprepared.” Shot and released when Mak was in her early twenties, High Noon spins a web of vignettes about seven young people about to take a major public exam. Clever, humorous, angry and dangerous, this is Cruel Story of Youth for the Me Generation of this century of globalisation and mediocrity.

Date:   12/8 (Saturday)

Time:   2:30PM

Venue:   HK Arts Centre Cinema

Post-screening discussion with director Heiward Mak

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With only one short film under my belt as screenwriter and not having worked in a production crew, lack of experience became the major hurdle on this first film…The biggest drawback of youthfulness is the fear of making mistakes. But only then would you discover what you have, no matter how big the risk. The average age of my crew was around 25 or 27. My actors were brand new to the experience, and I haven’t had much exposure to filming; together we worked during one of the coldest winters in years. The unpredictably cold weather stepped in for the sweltering sun. We didn’t sweat but all of us had runny noses. In their minds, the actors were heralding a distant summer, playing and dashing in that season’s school uniforms. We all started off as total strangers, but became trusted friends by the end of the process (someone even drove me for location scouting at 4am last night). I am most grateful for the opportunities and lessons, and to the people who have given me moral support while I’m learning on the job with all of my immaturities. I am thankful no matter how the film turns out. As I write this note, the film isn’t yet finished. Every day in the editing room, I feel I’m putting together a never-ending jigsaw puzzle. I realize that I’m not simply making a film about youth; I’m experiencing youthfulness with all its chaos, void, loss, lack of inhibitions, commonplace, suppressed recklessness, with occasional joyous revelations but concealed restlessness. What happens on the screen in casting and shooting has transcended the conception of the script. This is not a film depicting youth but part of the search for the definition of youth (perhaps my producer is worried now). For the past few months, from the first script to the last draft, there have been many alterations and possibilities explored, but the conclusion remains the same. There’s no answer to youthfulness; youthfulness isn’t answerable to anyone.

Heiward Mak

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