2010  |  Cantonese  |  DCP  |  Color  |  98min  |  Chinese Subtitle

Director: Derek Kwok, Clement Cheng.Scriptwriter: Derek Kwok, Clement Cheng, Frankie Tam.Cinematographer: O Sing-pui.Editor: Hui Wai-kit.Art Director: Silver Cheung.Music: Teddy Robin, Tomy Wai.Sound: Lam Siu-yu, Michael Chiu.Action: Yuen Tak

Cast: Leung Siu-lung, Chan Koon-tai, Teddy Robin, Wong You-nam, Jia Xiaochen, MC Jin

Producer: Lam Ka-tung.Production: Focus Films.World Sales: Focus Films


An exhilarating homage to action films and stars of yesteryear, Gallants finds two has-been martial artists (Leung Siu-lung and Chen Kwun-tai) holed up in a village restaurant, tending to their coma-suffering master (Teddy Robin). When the restaurant is threatened by ruthless land developers and haughty thugs, the master suddenly awakens and kick-starts the old boys back into action. Directors Derek Kwok and Clement Cheng reimagine classic Hong Kong film genres with wit, aplomb, and an eye towards new horizons.

Date:   12/8 (Saturday)

Time:   5:30PM

Venue:   HK Arts Centre Cinema

Post-screening discussion with directors Derek Kwok and Clement Cheng

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[Statement]During the shooting of Gallants , one of my crew members lamented, “Time vanquishes both heroes and beauties…” I responded immediately that this was the message I wanted to rectify. Life is nothing like that. As long as there’s passion in your heart, no matter how exhausted you are, you can still have dignity. As long as there is love, no matter how old you are, you can still remain beautiful! When I was planning to shoot such a story, I was told that nobody would be interested in nostalgia with an elderly cast. This got on my nerves; I just had to disagree.“ No, this is not some old men’s story; this is an energetic, youthful film!” Yes, this is a youthful film! Nobody says youth can’t be retained with age. Youth is a state of mind! I believe if you apply yourself to something wholeheartedly regardless of the results, even when others think it stupid and meaningless, that is youth! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a war with no chance of victory, or love with no chance of being requited…

Derek Kwok

The cruelty of the human world is clearly evident in many scenes in Gallants . “The strong will always be strong, the weak will always be weak” is my starting point. But all struggles become meaningful because of the cruelty of the world. Gallants is a film that embraces life and youth.

Clement Cheng

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